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Q: What is LIDAR speed gun ???

A: LIDAR stands for  Light Identification and Ranging, and this technology is used in LIDAR speed guns, by law enforcement to measure vehicle speed. It is being widely used because of it’s speed accuracy and capabilities to measure vehicle speed on long distance very accurately, and fast.

Q: What is Laser jammer ???

A: Laser jammer is device installed into the vehicle, capable for jamming police speed gun, protecting You from paying speeding tickets, and ensures You safe and joyful driving.

Q: Why to use Laser Interceptor ???

A: In case You like to drive peacefully, and enjoy driving and don’t want to worry about paying speeding ticket, than You should consider using Laser Interceptor laser jammer device, since it will prevent every speed gun available on the market of measuring Your vehicle speed.

Q: Why is  Laser Interceptor  so reserved ???

A: Laser Interceptor is state of the art laser jammer device, which has been proven with several INDEPENDENT SOURCES, as well as with some INDUSTRY SPECIALISTS, who all agree that Laser Interceptor is THE MOST POWERFUL LASER JAMMER available on the market. It has also set up INDUSTRY STANDARDS in LASER BASED laser jammers, which means that it’s powered with HIGH POWER LASER DIODES and UNIQUE ALGORITHMS, unlike some other cheap and look a like devices.

Q: Are there any jamming(error) codes if I am using Laser Interceptor ???

A: Laser Interceptor is active laser jammer, but it’s also “SMART” laser jammer, since it has the most powerful hardware and intelligent software specially adopted for every speed measuring device, and it will never show any jamming code on speed measuring device, so it will never bring You into not wanted situation.

Q: Is it safe to use Laser Interceptor laser jammer ???

A: Laser Interceptor is CLASS 1M Laser device, and it fully complies with all safety standards, and regulation, which makes it safe to use.

Q: Can I set laser jammer to Turn OFF automatically ???

A: Yes if You don’t want to worry about turning off Your laser jammer after activation, You can easily set Laser Interceptor to do everything automatically, by setting laser jammer duration time with Laser Interceptor Communicator software.