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Laser_Interceptor_Sensor_Detector_Jammer_head Laser_jammer_Control_Unit_CPU

Laser Interceptor control unit is central part of the device, and it is used for managing Laser Interceptor laser jammer behaviour, like setting Your sensor sensitivity, using various operation modes, choosing optional control switches, or connecting Laser Interceptor with some of Your radar detector units.

It’s equipped with serial port for communication with PC, or using various options, like constant parking mode switch, laser detector mode, etc. all with the same  control switch additionally connected to CPU.

Furthermore it’s also equipped with power plug and 4 connectors for easy connection of up to 4 Laser Interceptor sensors in one CPU.

It is also used for updating Your Laser Interceptor device with latest laser interceptor firmware versions, and uploading voice files in local language, so Your Laser Interceptor is more user friendly.

Laser Interceptor Sensor is state of the art laser jammer sensor device equipped with ultrafast and precise LASER Detector and the most powerful Laser jammer transmitter available on the market all built in one compact and waterproof housing to keep You protected on the road.

Laser detector part of device has built in ultrafast sensor specially designed to detect 905 nm light ideal for sensing LIDAR’s.

Laser transmitter part of device has built in  HIGH POWER LASER diodes for providing Ultimate Laser countermeasure protection, and detecting obstacles in front and behind the vehicle.

Slim and robust design make it perfect for comfortable installations, and ensure great resistance on mechanical damages.

Choose SPECIALLY DESIGNED HIGH POWER laser jammer sensor heads only device on the market capable of protecting large vehicles or even some trucks.(check with Your distributor or installer if they have any of these special units on stock).

Unlike any other laser jammer, You can optionally choose laser jammer heads specially designed for VERTICAL INSTALLATION.