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Radar detector is device installed in the vehicle that is used to detect RADAR signal on a long range, and immediately warn driver/user about coming RADAR based threat, from speed measuring device like multanova or RADAR SPEED GUN.

Radar detectors are used only to detect these threats which usually provides efficient protection against RADAR threats, but it’ll not be enough for warning You on time against LASER based speed measuring device - LIDAR, which is more and more used now days, because of it’s better performance, stability and technology opposed to RADAR multanova and other RADAR products,that are becoming more and more obsolete.     

Only adequate protection against LIDAR can be obtained from laser jamming system because it will both detect and block laser speed gun,  so You can drive peacefully without having to worry about LASER measuring Your speed.

Laser Interceptor is an Anti Laser type active Laser Jammer, which means it sends out beams blocking police lasers, as opposed to radar detectors that will only warn you your speed has been measured. Laser Interceptor is a LIDAR triggered Laser Jammer that transmits a Jamming Beam only upon detection of a LIDAR signal and does so for the duration of that signal and then immediately disengages when that signal is no longer detected. Laser Interceptor will then immediately reengage again upon the detection of another LIDAR Signal(s). The Laser Interceptor Laser Jammer consists of two sensors.

Each sensor consists of a laser detector and a laser transmitter. Both sensors are installed on the front of the vehicle, and additional sensors can be purchased to protect the rear of the vehicle as well.

Every time the device is turned on, it performs a self test after which welcome sound is played. The transceiver unit has two built-in sensors that are sensitive to laser beams. When the sensor receives a laser beam, it sends the impulse to a high speed microprocessor, which then analyses it and sends corresponding impulses to transmitter LASER.

Both sensors are synchronized, which increases the jamming effect. When a LIDAR device receives the impulses from a vehicle with a built-in Laser Interceptor, it will not be able to measure the speed, because it will get the wrong information about the current distance from the vehicle and therefore will not show the speed. Every time an attempt is made to measure your speed, the device will warn you with an audio warning sound and a Voice Alert as to the type of LIDAR being used.

The device has a built-in thermo regulation so as to work optimally in extreme temperature conditions. The housing is made from black plasticized aluminium, with an optical lens on the front, and it is waterproof and resistant to mechanical damage.


Picture showing vehicle with laser jammer

Picture showing vehicle without laser jammer


on how to use Your Laser Interceptor  laser jammer device regularly

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